Culpeper's Complete Herbal: Over 400 Herbs and Their Uses (Paperback)

Culpeper's Complete Herbal: Over 400 Herbs and Their Uses By Nicholas Culpeper Cover Image


From Artichoke to Rhubarb- Vine to Hawthorn- The Complete Herbal provides the most comprehensive listings of herbs and their uses in existence.

First published over 350 years ago by herbalist and apothecary Nicholas Culpeper, this encyclopedic guide had an extensive impact on modern holistic medicine. This includes his description of the qualities of foxglove, later used to treat heart conditions.

In this illustrated edition, over 400 herbs are described in detail, along with their 'government and virtues', remedies, and cautions. Although much of the medical advice must be taken with a pinch of salt, the engaging tone, enthusiasm, and expertise of the author are irresistible and highly entertaining.

About the Author

Nicholas Culpeper (1618-54) was a physician and herbalist during the reign of Elizabeth I, whose practice in East London was famous for treating the poor for no charge. His masterwork, The English Physician (known as Culpeper's Herbal) was published posthumously.

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ISBN: 9781789506525
ISBN-10: 1789506522
Publisher: Arcturus Editions
Publication Date: September 1st, 2019
Pages: 304
Language: English