The Supreme Messenger of God: The Good Christian (Paperback)

The Supreme Messenger of God: The Good Christian By S. Moramé Cover Image
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Dear brothers, this is a book dedicated to Christians who want to become "GOOD CHRISTIANS" regardless of the religion of their preference, and for those who are willing to have "FAITH", not in any God, but in the true, to change their material wealth for the love of Jesus Christ and God, their father, and for the merchants of the word to rectify.I am not an opportunist Christian, nor do I suffer from mental illness, but God assigned me a task and I am fulfilling it, for the first time giving my personal interpretation of the "WORD OF GOD", in the new testament, where is the "GOSPEL" ... "Life, Doctrine and Death of the Son of God" hoping that I will soon finish writing my interpretation of what gave sustenance to the arrival of the Messiah, with the reflection and analysis of the "OLD TESTAMENT".Neither am I a fanatic, nor do I consider myself Moses or a chosen prophet, God has many ways of manifesting himself, but only some of us have the good fortune to learn of his call; As a scientist I have been of reasoning, of common sense, of strict logic, I must be sure that the received messages have a balanced coherence and that they do not form part of sorceries or riddles, I have checked and analyzed them in the facts of my personal life, meeting at 52 years (sum seven) in front of the "ACT OF FAITH" for "LOVE" and not "FEAR", something like a crush that few can get rid of, however it is a problem for the Most "Fall in love with something Spiritual, Superior and Divine", thus, convinced.I am not an improvised believer, nor a protagonist preacher, I know healthy and honorable life, I observe human beings since I was three years old, I lost my childhood, my youth and the pleasures of social existence as the world understands, accepts and promotes, especially in the excesses, so God prepared me for this moment, gave me the talent to communicate, taught me in the pain and natural pleasure that we all suffer; The dirt and the evil of human acts came before me and I did not get infected, it taught me to know the weaknesses and the virtues of all, it taught me that only in emotional and spiritual maturity is healthy reflection reached, for the time being understand the true creator of everything.

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ISBN: 9781793454768
ISBN-10: 1793454760
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 9th, 2019
Pages: 460
Language: English