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Romantic Cocktails • Clair McLafferty

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Romantic Cocktails • Clair McLafferty

Easty Lambert-Brown

Romantic Cocktails is a bewitching collection of 75+ craft cocktail recipes--plus easy recipes for homemade ingredients and bar snacks!--perfect for winning hearts and mending broken ones, too! The history and lore of aphrodisiacs makes for a culinary book that's a both a fascinating read and an indispensable go-to guide for romantic cocktail mixology!! 

No romantic evening is complete without a couple glasses of wine, dry martinis, or some margaritas. Enjoying some libations with your loved one is a great pleasure of life and often serves as a precursor to more . . . intimate activities. But what if we told you that you were doing it all wrong? What if we told you that there was a better way to drink, a romantic way to drink? Well it turns out, there is. With Romantic Cocktails you and your loved one can enjoy exquisitely crafted concoctions specifically designed to get the romance flowing! 

Organized by type of liquor (pick your poison), Romantic Cocktails features 75+ recipes for craft cocktails that are chock-full of potent aphrodisiacs such as ginger, chocolate, honey, ginseng, saffron, hot chilies, figs, coffee, pomegranates, vanilla, cinnamon, and so many more. Discover all the magical effects of aphrodisiac ingredients and how to get the most out of them. 

Alongside each recipe, you will find tips and tricks for crafting sophisticated drinks, infusions, and bar snacks made with aphrodisiac ingredients. Delve into the fascinating science and rich history behind their legendary properties. Plus, you'll find ideas for garnishes and glassware that make every drink's presentation truly swoon-worthy. 

This cocktail book is the new go-to mixology guide for new loves, secret crushes, newlyweds, and the newly single (and ready to mingle)! Simple step-by-step instructions and gorgeous full-color photography will ensure that you execute these recipes to absolute perfection. Impress your partner with your behind-the-bar abilities, then let the cocktails do the rest. 

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Biographical Note:

Clair McLafferty is a craft bartender and writer operating out of Birmingham, Alabama. In 2013, she quit her office job to learn the art of craft bartending. Making drinks led to researching and writing about them, and her current occupation was born. Her website, See Clair Write, is a chronicle of everything cocktail-related, which includes most aspects of her life.