Jenny Shemwell Bio | Lifeline Solutions

Jenny Shemwell is a seasoned practitioner of yoga discovering her love of this practice in the 90s when she was right out of college. Many years and many moves, experiencing yoga in all the places she lived and visited, her decision to finally share her love of yoga came in 2019 when she completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification at Asheville Yoga School. With an adventurous and open heart, Jenny’s exploration of yoga has led her to practice almost every form of yoga from aerial to ashtanga, yin to more restorative and meditative practices like Iyengar and Nidra. Yoga is a practice that grows and changes— it is always available and relevant. Practicing being present and accepting life as it is, with gratitude and an open heart is at the center of Jenny’s teaching. Her current practice focuses on synchronizing breath and movement, being curious, proper alignment and body mechanics and radical acceptance of the present moment.

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