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Brown, R.K. SONNETS.

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Brown, R.K. SONNETS.


Brown, R.K. SONNETS.


Released June 20, 2007

Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group


Hardcover: 325 pages, dust jacket.

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Haunted by the drowning of his fiancée, Drew Osborne writes a book of sonnets. He leaves Manhattan and moves to Georgia. Shortly after his arrival, a young woman is murdered. Then, one of his students is killed. When the police connect the victims, they focus on him. Initially, the young professor is the literary toast of the Smythville College community. But then, everywhere he turns, Drew faces malicious accusations. Desperate to absolve himself, Drew uses his literary training to decipher the clues in an attempt to identify the killer's next victims before they are murdered.

Throughout his sales and marketing career in the medical products industry, Robert K. Brown has written poetry and fiction as a hobby. In Sonnets, he has combined the two in a mystery with heart-pounding suspense, clever plot twists, and a refreshing literary flair. A native of Mobile, Alabama, Robert and his wife currently reside in Cary, North Carolina. He has completed a second novel and is working on a third.