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Riley, Rod. CLOUD PEAK.

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Riley, Rod. CLOUD PEAK.


Riley, Rod. CLOUD PEAK.


Released June 09, 2016

Independently Published


Paperback: 674 pages.

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Author Rod Riley turns real-life adventures into one heck of a story in Cloud Peak, a suspenseful novel with colorful characters and a multidimensional plot.

A small, regional aircraft carrying passengers from Wyoming to Colorado loses control and disappears in the Big Horn Mountains. Jack Morgan, a computer consultant and experienced outdoorsman aboard the plane, sends a cryptic message to his wife with the coordinates of his location. To reach the plane, a rescue party will need to get through a raging storm with high winds and freezing temperatures. The quickest way to reach it will be by horseback because rescue aircraft are grounded.

It will be up to Jack to keep the other survivors calm and safe. The weather won't be his only concern. Government agents travel by horseback with Jack's best friend, guided by a well known wrangler and a full-blooded Crow Indian. But there is a Russian assassin hired to kill someone who was also a passenger and the Russian is committed to reach the aircraft. The survival rate will depend not only on Jack and his skills but on who manages to get there first.

Rod Riley has more than forty years of experience working in the computer industry. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys riding horseback in the mountains of the American West to fish, camp, and hunt. His adventures form the basis for his storytelling. He lives with his wife in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.