Be Good: A Southern Suspense

Kristin Daryl

How far would you go to protect the life you built?

Joni Butler has successfully left her childhood abuse on the riverbanks behind her, living a quiet life as a teacher with her nerdy historian husband, Mike, in a modest neighborhood in Alabama. She gets through the days peacefully by seeking solitude and never interfering with others, because for Joni, silence equals survival. An emergency missing child alert buzzes on her phone for a teenager she has seen at the neighbor’s house, and Joni remains aloof despite her growing curiosity.

Benjamin Key, a studious teenager, lives next door to Joni with his family. He works hard to make his parents proud, but he lives in the shadow of his accomplished older brother. Benjamin has a secret, and he’s afraid that it will forever ruin his chances of gaining his family’s approval.

Joni and Benjamin’s lives are upturned when the missing teenager’s truck is found at Mike’s restoration exhibit and detectives come knocking on Joni’s door. Every new discovery looks worse for Mike as days go by and police are now looking for a body rather than a missing person. Benjamin might be able to help Mike, but in doing so, he risks losing everything. Joni must fight against her inner trauma and act to solve the mystery and keep her family together before it’s too late.

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