Monstrous Creatures: A Novella

Patricia Correll

For hundreds of years, reclusive nobleman Janusz has lived with a terrible secret.

Now he's ready to end his long life, and possibly redeem his soul--but he'll need help. Sarah has been apprenticed to a hunter of monsters for most of her life. When her teacher's oldest enemy approaches them with a proposition, they both need to decide if they can risk trusting him. Good-natured Peter has served as Janusz' secretary for years. He has no idea what his gentle, quiet employer really is. But he's about to find out. Monstrous Creatures is a story of regret, redemption, and the things that haunt the dark.

Patricia Correll is originally from Louisville, Kentucky and is the author of the novella collection Late Summer, Early Spring from DSP Publications, the novella The Corpse-Eater, and numerous short stories. Her preferred genres are the Unholy Trinity of SF, horror and fantasy.

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