Punch Back: A miracle story of rising up when life knocks you down

Kristi Schatzline
Scott Schatzline

In 2020, Scott and Kristi Schatzline were in the prime of their lives.

Even as the world shut down, they were speeding up; reaching into peoples’ lives with real help, hope, and healing. Little did they know, the most traumatic events of their lives were on the horizon—and would happen in quick succession. They didn’t know how deeply they would be tested, and how much they would need to rely on their faith to pull them through these great struggles.

Punch Back isn’t a story about how to live a trouble-free life. It’s not about textbook Sunday school answers that fit perfectly on a flannelgraph. Instead, it’s about the authentic guts of losing everything and wondering if you’ll ever find it again. It’s about punching back even when you’re not sure you have the strength to.

Welcome to this miracle story of rising up when life knocks you down.

"Pastor Scott and Kristi's story will enlighten you on how to let God hold your hand during the biggest fight of your life." -- Deontay Wilder, World Boxing Council Heavyweight Champion
"How you respond when you're at your lowest determines if you'll emerge as a victor or victim. In Punch Back, Scott and Kristi's story will infuse you with strength to stay in the fight, no matter what life throws at you!" -- John Bevere, Best-Selling Author & Minister

About the Authors:

Scott and Kristi Schatzline live to see others walk in the full potential of who they are created to be! They are passionate pursuers of Christ, and they love people unconditionally. They lead a beautiful, multicultural congregation at Daystar Family Church in Northport, Alabama, where experiencing and sharing God's love is the number one priority. Both as pastors and health coaches, they have inspired thousands to live their BEST life and walk in full health: spirit, soul and body!

On Father's Day 2020, Scott experienced what is known as a sudden-death cardiac arrest. After several minutes, the paramedics were able to revive and stabilize him. Due to the prolonged time period that his brain was deprived of oxygen, Scott experienced memory loss as well as many other symptoms. Scott is a FIGHTER and he has valiantly pursued health and wholeness on this journey. He has relearned basic things like walking, talking and everyday tasks. He is progressing in recapturing his memories and his cognitive abilities.

Throughout this journey that they are walking, they have motivated so many to keep fighting and pushing forward. Scott and Kristi stand on the promise that the supernatural love of God is what draws people to the Lord and brings healing, hope, and freedom.


  • Christian Faith
  • Love & Loss
  • Christian Family & Relationships
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