The Summers We Left Behind

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Marja Graham

The beach helps us lie to ourselves, saying: Everything is perfect. Why wouldn’t it be?

For Emma, Bennett Sorensen and the beach house in Harriettesville used to be synonymous with summer. When she fell in love with summer, she couldn’t help falling for Bennett.

One disastrous secret causes Emma to run away, swearing never to return.

For four years, she keeps her promise until her friends kidnap her for their last spring break together.
How would they know vacation in a picture perfect beach town is her worst nightmare?

When Bennett reenters her life, he is determined to ruin her vacation. To preserve this precious last trip with her friends, Emma begs Bennett to make a deal: pretend they were never in love. She makes a second deal with herself: pretend that every time he walks in the room, she doesn’t feel irresistibly drawn to him.

Marja Graham is a Ph.D. student studying Educational Psychology and Morality. The Summers We Left Behind is her debut novel. She has a soft spot for her dog, savory breakfasts, and happily ever afters. 

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