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Sandra Wolfe is executive director of The Arts and Humanities Council of Tuscaloosa.  She has been with the Arts Council for 25 years, having served as the Education Director for 12 years before assuming this post. In 2013, under her leadership, the Arts Council opened the doors of the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center, and in 2018 launched the West Alabama Arts Education Collaborative. She received a B.M. in music education from Capital University and holds a M.M. in flute performance from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Wolfe did post graduate studies at the University of Alabama where she taught applied flute and music fundamental courses for elementary education majors. She is a flutist in the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra. She is active in the Tuscaloosa Community serving on several boards locally and statewide.

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Sandra became a Brand Advocate for Beautycounter. She was already using and loving the products but found a passion in sharing high quality products and the mission of Beautycounter.  When she discovered that the United States has not passed a major federal law governing the cosmetics industry since 1938 she knew she wanted to be part of the change. The European Union has banned or restricted 1,400 ingredients from personal-care products. The United States has banned or restricted only 30; we all deserve better. Beautycounter is challenging and changing the industry, creating a giant step towards safety in beauty. The company advocates for safe products, sustainable packaging, responsible sourcing, and care for the environment.. Many women suffer with autoimmune issues and just assume that the products we use daily are safe for us. Unfortunately, that is not the case. That is where Wolfe finds her passion.


I thought I was doing the right thing by carefully choosing “safe” high quality skin care - imagine how shocked I was to discover how many carcinogens and endocrine disrupters are in so many of the “natural” products we put on our bodies every day?

 Beautycounter is the leader in the clean beauty movement - with ADVOCACY, EDUCATION + SOLUTIONS at its core, I am excited to share more with you about the HOW, WHY + WHAT of it all.

We all deserve to TRUST that the products we are using on our skin, our largest organ, are safe for us and our families too. The mission of Beautycounter is to get safer skincare into the hands of everyone. Did you know there has been no major US law regulating the cosmetics industry since 1938? How about the fact that the EU bans 1400 harmful ingredients in personal care products versus just 30 banned in the US? We can and must do better - Beautycounter’s work in DC and beyond is making it possible for everyone to have safer transparent beauty.

I'm so thrilled to be a part of the Beautycounter movement and I can’t think of a better way to continue going green in my own life while taking active steps to impact laws that will make all of us - and our children- healthier and safer.  When we know better we do better!

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