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Book signing & Talk • Joe Taylor

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Book signing & Talk • Joe Taylor

  • Ernest & Hadley Books 1928 7th St. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 (map)

Join us as we welcome Joe Taylor to Ernest & Hadley Books! He will sign and discuss his new books: Ghostly Demarcations, a collection of horror centric tales, and The Theoretics of Love, a southern mystery. Signing starts at 4:30pm, reading and discussion at 5pm.

Ghostly Demarcations: Everyone is constantly admonishing our narrator to keep quiet: "You're full of bull hockey, college boy...Shut up and drink your beer." Or, "'Shut up, ' Michelle replied. 'Shut up, ' Michelle repeated." Or, "Don't look up. At least don't shout anything when you do. She's here, on the balcony." Or, "'Shit.' Sarah spit this out like a too-hot cinnamon ball, pulled me off the dental chair, and led me to the closet with the skeleton, shushing me with her fingers." Or, "Hush, be still. Tacete, tacete." Everyone admonishes him, when all he wants to do is shout the wonders, the horrors, the terrors that he and his older adoptive brother Galen face as one spiritual incursion after another manifests in their lives, moving from trickster poltergeists to forlornly wandering ghosts to intent fetches to avenging revenants. Perhaps, instead of admonishing him, everyone would do better to heed his early, youthful deliberation: "I never heard his voice again after that night. If we humans could always recognize the last words we were ever to hear from each person we knew or even met, our lives would perch as fragile indeed, gathering tragedy every listening moment to lean over a dark cellar, of dark farewells.”

The Theoretics of Love: In this novel, Joe turns his fierce wit and storytelling talents to love, death and murder in the Bluegrass state. Fresh out of school, anthropoligist Dr. Clarissa Circle finds herself thrust into a mysterious forensics investigation after exposing what was thought to be a Native American burial ground as a mass grave of not-so-recently murdered bodies. Is a cult behind the killings? Were these ritual murders? Hired as a consultant to the local police department, Circle spends half of her time dusting bones and the other half knocking boots with homicide detective Willy Cox and an aging hippie who goes by the name of Methuselah. A double suicide is discovered. And the plot thickens from there as other disturbing events unfold and people of questionable character surface and collide in this kaleidoscopic murder mystery/love story that is also madcap fun. Part Hunter S. Thompson, part Woody Allen, Joe Taylor’s tilted realism and quirky humor combine in this fast-paced novel that gleefully exposes our human foibles and heart. In The Theoretics of Love the motives behind the ritual murders rocking Kentucky are obscure and difficult to identify. Intimacy and love, as it turns out, prove to be every bit as theoretical. Joe Taylor gives love and passion a workout in the Bluegrass state in this new novel. Charles McNair, award-winning author of Pickett’s Charge and other novels, asks "Why isn’t Joe Taylor famous? I laughed out loud three times in the first chapter of Theoretics of Love. A few chapters later, I felt my heart would break. There’s nothing theoretical about Taylor’s talent. You’ll love this love story.”

Taylor has taught at the University of West Alabama for nearly thirty years and has been the director of Livingston Press at UWA for almost as long. He has edited numerous books, including eight short story anthologies, among them the popular Belles' Letters and Tartts One through Seven. He lives and loves with Tricia Taylor in Coatopa, Alabama, which is Choctaw for "wounded panther." He finds the name appropriate enough. Taylor graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor's in philosophy; he later earned a PhD in creative writing from Florida State University.

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