Used Book Trade-Ins

Q: Is E&H Books currently accepting Used Book drop-offs for store credit?

A: We are! Please limit the size of you drop-off as storage space is always a concern (see below).

During certain times of the year, Ernest & Hadley Booksellers will accept used book trade-ins for store credit.

We do not give cash for books. You are free to accept or reject any offer we make. Any rejected books will be returned to you or donated.

Depending on the number of books you are dropping off for credit, please at least 48 business hours to process.

Please keep your submissions for store credit to a maximum of what will fit into a 19”x15”x11” box.


Here is the basic criteria of what we typically seek:

•  We accept books that are in Good or better condition. 

•  We prefer hardcovers with a dust jacket.

•   We are selective about the mass market paperbacks. Classics are preferred.

•   We do not accept any textbooks, Solutions Manuals, Study Guides or Lab Manuals that accompany specific textbooks or classes.

•   Software books and certain nonfiction categories are subject to age limits. These vary widely from topic to topic.

•   In general, items that come free with purchase or are handed out free by organizations are not accepted.

•   We are very selective about the stapled material we accept.

Used* Book Credit Schedule**

$3.00  Hardcovers with dust jacket in Fine condition

$2.00 Paperbacks in Fine condition

$1.00 Hardcovers without jackets, paperbacks in Fair to Very Good to condition, Mass Markets

* If you have valuable books we will offer a fair-market value in store credit or establish consignment. You are free to accept or reject any offer we make.

** Subject to change. There may be a small service charge deducted from your offer total, depending on the volume of books.